Ok, you want to know what the catch is, don’t you?.

The catch is that there is no catch ...

We want to disrupt the way that local businesses reach their local customers. Old fashioned advertising channels such as printed directories, letterbox drops and the like are being rapidly replaced by apps and social media. At the same time, we want to really promote the idea that local people should support local businesses. With the support of some existing advertisers, we have now developed and released the Geebiz app.
App-based and focused exclusively on local businesses.

But we understand that that is new to many - hence our free offer!

We want you to see your business on Geebiz and see just how different and dynamic it is. We want you to see how people can call you, email you, visit your web site and social media channels - even physically locate you if you work from a public-friendly workplace.

Don't just trust us.
Get a FREE Geebiz listing until 31 March 2018.

At that point, if you don't think that Geebiz is right for your business then let us know and we'll cancel your listing.
No obligation, no contracts, no tricks.
However, if you agree that Geebiz IS a critical part of your future advertising strategy, you'll be able to continue your listing for as little as $2.88 per week.

You literally have nothing to lose by trying us out!

Just click on the button below and you'll be able to register for your FREE Geebiz listing now.

Click here to register for your FREE Geebiz listing until 31 March 2018!
Supporting Our Community

We are proud to support Geelong’s Give Where You Live Foundation.
Each time someone downloads the Geebiz app for $2.99, 27 cents is GST, 82 cents is kept by Apple or Google Play and the remaining $1.90 will be donated to Give Where You Live Foundation.

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Download Geebiz now and support the Give Where You Live Foundation.

Every time someone downloads Geebiz onto their smartphone or other mobile device, we’ll donate ALL profits to Give Where You Live. That’s $1.90 for every download!

Apple / iOS

Download the Geebiz app onto your iPhone or iPad. Click on the App Store
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Download the Geebiz app onto your Android device. Click on the Google Play
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Geebiz for your local business.

Some really good reasons why you should list on Geebiz.

Exclusively Local

We only list businesses that are physically based here in Geelong, the Surf Coast, the Bellarine and Golden Plains.

Smartphone Based

Unlike clumsy web sites, Geebiz is designed to operate as an app on your mobile device.

Every Day, All Year Round

Brochures, newspapers and printed directories usually end up in the recycling bin.
Geebiz is always available.

Everywhere You Go

Do you take all of that printed junk mail with you everywhere you go? No? We bet you take your smartphone.

Quick and Simple To Use

Because it is an app, Geebiz works like an app. That makes it really easy and quick to find local businesses.

Really Affordable

Listing your business on Geebiz is FREE until until March and then as little as $2.88 per week. What other advertising comes close?


Customers can call or send an email, visit your web site or social media – they can even get directions to your business!

Community Focused

Community groups can receive a Geebiz listing for free AND every cent we make from downloads is donated to Give Where You Live.

100% Geelong Born and Bred

Designed, operated and supported in Geelong West. Fully developed in Ryrie Street. How very local.
How very Geelong.


Seriously local, seriously cost-effective advertising for businesses that are as local as you are.

p:  (03) 5280 8044
e:  hellogeebiz.directory